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Turn your kid super engineer!
Play from toddlers to teenagers
Enhance parent-child interacting
Offer infinitely interesting creations
Inspire child’s imagination and creativity
Reduce waste and protect the environment
Save a lot of household toy expense

The most popular Docyke kits

Modularity brings a lot of change

Modular assembly and fun of transformation, which cultivate children's creation and imagination by creating multifarious amazing rides. Let kids immerse themselves in the fun of delayed gratification and an appreciation of what truly goes into the manufacturing process.

A project of family cooperation

Understanding the assembly relationships of parts exercises children's logical thinking and operation skills. Building with a share goal enhances emotional interaction between children and parents. Just enjoy more quality time with your kids.

A toy that can grow up with kid

It can be built into walkers, scooters, skateboard, bicycles, go-kart etc. With strong durable parts and changeable shapes, Docyke provide kid with a whole childhood long fun. Only one kit from early childhood to ad-age.

Is that all? Certainly not!

From regular kit to Snow-Upgrade, from bike to electric bike, sun or snow, summer or winter, Docyke takes on any terrain and season. We are constantly updating and developing. We are willing to grow up with kid and explore more possibilities together in the future.

Enjoy real quality time with DOCYKE

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