4 Ways iDocyke Gets Kids Outside and Off Mobiles

4 Ways iDocyke Gets Kids Outside and Off Mobiles

Many years ago, children would always be playing in the street. They would go out with their friends and spend hours running around no matter what the weather was. But, this has stopped happening so much with the growth of technology. Now, children will sit inside playing games on the computer or browsing on their smartphones. They need encouragement to look away from their screens.

Are you fed up with your child spending all of their time indoors and want to get them outside again? we have a fantastic option. We are talking about buying them an iDocyke kit. Here are the ways iDocyke can get your kids outside again and away from technology.

More Than One Toy

With so many new toys out there, kids want everything. They want one thing and then they get bored. Then they want another toy. This often happens with outdoor toys as kids, as children grow out of trikes then move onto scooters. Before you know it, they want a bike. Not only is this expensive, but it can also mean you do not have a lot of storage or all of these toys.

One of our iDocyke kits can come to the rescue. The best thing about our iDocyke kits is they are versatile. They can be made into several toys that are going to keep your child amused and want to play outside. No longer are they going to get bored of the same toys or grow out of them as they get older. Simply, you can purchase one of our kits and this can be adapted over time to suit your child. For example, at a young age, your child can enjoy riding on a trike. But, when they get older, the advanced kit means that they can then build a scooter to ride. After that, they can change it to a bike. Since we have kits that are suitable for all ages, it can grow with your child instead of having to buy a lot of toys. This is not only going to have you money, but it also means that your child will want to play outside at all ages and will never get bored.

Spend Quality Time with Parents

As parents, we are all guilty of being busy and not spending a lot of time playing with our kids. After all, there are a lot of things to do every day and when your children are playing, this can be a good time to catch up on chores and daily responsibilities. But, it is important to spend quality time with your children. This means putting time aside to play together and this can be a lot of fun for you and your kids.

The good thing about iDocyke is that this is something that you can enjoy with your children. First of all, you can help them build the kit. All of the parts are included and only simple tools are needed. This means that you do not have to have a lot of skills to build a fantastic bike or go-kart. You can bond with your child and build it together. This gives you a teaching moment too.

What’s more, you can get outdoors and have fun with your child too thanks to iDocyke. Now, you both have a mode of transport and you can go on adventures. You can take your bikes out together and go exploring. Your child is going to have a sense of achievement and love to spend time with you. What’s more, it is great to get out of the house and remember what matters the most; family.

Proud of Their Hard Work

Children get toys all the time. After a while, they move onto the next big thing and they lose interest. But, we find with iDocyke is that children love it for a lot longer. The reason for this is that they spend a lot of time making the kit. In other words, they are proud of their hard work and the iDocyke is more than just a toy. It is their invention that they made themselves. This means that they are going to want to keep it and get outside. This applies whether it is a scooter or a go-kart. They love the fact that it is unique and their own creation.

Not only will they want to go out and play more to enjoy their own invention, but they cannot wait to show it off to their friends. They are going to have a unique outdoor toy that everyone will want but your child can feel proud of themselves for what they have worked on and achieved. One of our iDocyke kits can make kids want to go out with their friends again and play just like in the good old days.

Happy to Help

How many times have you walked to the shops on your own and had to carry all of the bags? Kids would rather spend time indoors playing games on their console or computer. They do not want to go shopping with you since they would have to walk there. A lot of kids find it boring to go outside walking. They view it as too much exercise!

But, this is where the iDocyke comes in. Suddenly, getting outdoors is fun again. Children are happy to go outside and ride around on their scooter, bike or go-kart. In fact, you might find that you suddenly have a helper that wants to come with you to the shops! This is all because they love the iDocyke kits you can get. They can create the toy they want and enjoy their hard work. Often, it can take a while to build this toy and this means that it is special to your child. They will want to get outside and enjoy it. What’s more, they can ride with you and help you with the bags on the way back.

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