Exciting Updates Here at iDocyke

Exciting Updates Here at iDocyke

2021 is an exciting time for iDocyke! Big changes are happening and it is all geared toward our customers having an even better experience. We want to ensure that every family has the best time with our kits. This means we are going to introduce some new updates. We are talking about expanding our shipping destinations to releasing a new E-upgrade package. Do you want to find out more? Here is some exciting news from our headquarters.

Even More Shipping Destinations

So many families are having fun with iDocyke kits. From toddlers to teenagers, there is a kit that every child adores. Families are loving building them together and watching their hard work come to life. Of course, children are having hours of fun out in the fresh air on their new bike, scooter or go-kart.

Here at iDocyke, it makes us happy that families are spending quality time together and are having fun. So, we thought it was about time that we expanded our reach and spread the joy further. Namely, we are talking about expanding our shipping destinations. While we ship to nine destinations around the world, we are now adding two more countries to the list. If you are in Belgium and Luxembourg, you can now order your iDocyke kit and start building an exciting toy together with children!

E-Upgrade Package Is Becoming Even Better

We have decided that we want to create an even better experience for you and your family. We are all about having fun and we also want you to get the most for your money. In other words, we have updated the e-upgrade package that you can purchase for the L-kit.

You can look forward to creating more than 20 electric rides, which are going to be powered by long-lasting lithium batteries. Children from just six years old to 14 years of age can have fun and be active. All of the parts are included and you have the freedom to decide the project you want to work on next. We are talking about endless hours of fun you can spend as a family working on something together. What could be better?

Enjoy a Discount on Our Electric Upgrade Package

Is it time to go electric? With our e-upgrade package, you can take things to the next level. It matches with the L-kit, adding a brushless motor with 400W of power. There is even a mechanical brake and electronic brake. Children are going to love adding this element to their favourite outdoor toys.

The good news is, our E-upgrade package is currently in the production stage. This is a very exciting time and it is estimated that it will take around 40 days. If you cannot wait to try out the E-upgrade package, we will let you in on a secret. We are offering customers a 10 percent discount offer if you purchase the E-upgrade package while it is in the production stage. You can use the discount code Code:E01 today.

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