Founded in 2019, we offer you with the full size Legos with which you can build your own actual bikes and trikes for your children with only one hex key. The name of iDOCYKE means build your own bike. "iDO"means do it yourself, and "CYKE" is the combination of “cycle” and “bike”, which means it is a reusable bike. It shows our concept: Build Unlimited Real Constructible Rides.

Why Shop With Us?


The High Quality Craftsmanship & Affordable Prices

We provide high quality materials and designs in everything we deliver. All of our selections are incredibly affordable, starting at just £186.95 and featuring savings of up to 60% off competitors’ prices.

Right to Your Door: Anytime, Anywhere

iDOCYKE puts your needs first and ships across the globe with UPS. We provide expedited shipping as well as budget conscious options. As we use internationally trusted logistics providers, you gain peace of mind knowing that your important supplies will be there when you need them.

Confidence & Security While You Shop

Online shopping can be intimidating in our modern age of Internet fraud. But it doesn’t have to be that way. iDOCYKE offers a secure and safe shopping environment for all customers. We use trusted payment processing systems, integrate VeriSign’s globally recognized payment technology, and accept credit card and PayPal payments. Now you have the convenience to pay as you like and the confidence that your information is safe.

Always Looking Out for You

Whether you have questions before placing an order or after your items have arrived, we have experienced customer service professionals available via live chat or through fast response ticket system. From the beginning to the end of your shopping experience with us, we are dedicated to making you satisfied.