The E-Upgrade can be used ONLY in combination with L-kit.

No, Go-Kart could be assembled into 15 different rides. L-kit plus with E-Upgrade could help you assemble all the 80 rides.

Docyke mainly use higher hardness aeronautical aluminum alloys. 

Material used for joint: BASF PA66 +GF.

This depends on the height of the child, but taking into account the average height, these are the age ranges for our Kits: S-Kit 1-5 years, M-Kit 0-8 years, L-Kit 4-14 years, GO-Kart 5-18years.

You can find the size and weight info on the product page of each kit.

The max load of each rider is different. The max load of S-Kit is about 30kg, M-Kit’s is about 50kg and GO-Kart’s is about 70kg.

It takes 2-3 hours to charge the battery once. It can be used normally for 1 hour after a full charge.

1.Recharge only with charger and battery pack which specifically designated by Docyke.

2. When battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other objects to protect it from heat or moisture, such as continuous strong sunlight, fire, water, and humidity.

Check frequently if all parts still firmly tightened and function properly.

1.Recharge only with charger and battery pack which specifically designated by Docyke.

2. When battery pack is not use, keep it away from other objects and protect the battery against heat, e,g, against continuous intense sunlight, fire, water, and moister.

You can only build 1 ride from 1 kit at the same time with S-kit, M-kit and Go-kart. If you would like to build a new ride, you deconstruct the one you’ve built and then you construct another one. With L-kit, you can build 2 simple rides at the same time.

They are children's toys, not recommended as vehicles and adult toy cars.

But adult can ride some of the rides of L-kit and Go-kart. Remember not to exceed the max load.

1. Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Avoid caught in moving parts.

2. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear protective equipment such as non-skid safely shoes, hard hat etc.


You can mail us anytime at service@idocyke.com. We’re happy to help and answer your questions!

Yes, but this is only possible when we didn’t ship your order yet. Just email us at service@idocyke.com. We would be help. (Customized accessories do not support replacement or cancellation, please confirm your information before placing an order. )

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Yes, our carrier will send you a tracking number by email and message, so you can check the whereabouts of your order. Please also check your email to make sure you won’t miss your tracking info.

In some cases, your destination country may charge customs duties or other taxes. We have no control over these charges as customs policies vary widely from country to country.

Yes, but please contact us at service@idocyke.com before you made an order.


Yes, before you return your kit, please check our Return Policy to make sure your kit is eligible for return.


You can find the manuals here on MANUALS page.

1.Please carefully watch the basic introductory course in our installation video lessons first on MANUALS page.

2.Please play with parents to avoid swallowing small parts by mistake when children under the age of three.


We give a two year warranty on our products.


Yes, please contact us at service@idocyke.com